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This classroom is designed to balance between structure and play, by having specific areas that will allow your child to have fun-filled days of learning, exploring and playing with their friends. Seahorses are located in the upper school which has an indoor village monitor the amount of playtime and ensure all toys are sanitized hourly.


We have adopted the Mother Goose program, which works on developing the whole child.  In our 3’s program, your child will be the star of their story; they will have a portfolio that captures their reflection on learning.  We ensure that your child reaches all of their milestones.  Along with talking to the teachers, you will receive updates on ProCare, an App that families can install.  You receive updates and photos directly on your phone during the day to keep track of their learning activities, eating habits, how they play with their friends and daily activities.


Making meaningful connections with themes, your child will focus everyday on five key areas:


  1. Social and Emotional Development

  2. Phonics & Literacy

  3. Language

  4. Math

  5. Creative Expression & Movement



  • Room is design to allow children to interact with each other at designated areas and build friendships

  • Teachers will show children how to share toys and help one another

  • Learn to set the table and other independent tasks



  • Begin to trace and write their name

  • Communicate using shapes and letters

  • Creating songs



  • Using words in different languages related to daily activities

  • Selecting books on the theme of the weeks

  • Children have conversations and increase vocabulary



  • Counting, identifying numbers and shapes

  • Fun addition and subtraction games

  • Building blocks and measuring



  • Focus on creating theme artwork to learn about people and animals

  • Dance movement and musical games to learn rhythm patterns

  • Play a character role in simple dramatic scenarios from book


This classroom is where the preschoolers will continue their regular school daily routine, including:

  • Breakfast

  • Routine Care (Changing Time)

  • Circle Time 

  • Language Development 

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Outside Time

  • Lunch

  • Nap Time

  • Snack Time

  • Storytime

  • Centers

  • Library Time

  • Group Lessons

  • Music Time

  • Individual Lessons

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