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Governor Phil Murphy Endorses AWNWA

I purchased A Whole New World Academy in 2002, because I wanted to create a high quality childcare center.  A Whole New World Academy offers your child six different classrooms as they continue their journey from infant to toddler to preschooler.  After reviewing several curriculum options,  I have selected The Mother Goose curriculum which is undeniably one of the best in the United States. I want families to experience A Whole New World......"A thrilling chase, A wondrous place, for your family and me".

Bernard Davidson

Executive Director



To ensure high quality childcare, A Whole New World Academy's philosophy is to follow these core principles:

  • Each child is a unique and special individual with differing needs and rates of development. Our goal is to know your child and accommodate our teaching methods to their learning styles.

  • ​Children are naturally motivated to learn. A Whole New World Academy emphasizes a safe and stimulating environment, filled with age appropriate materials that encourage freedom of exploration and the development of competence.

  • Children develop a sense of security by learning to trust. We therefore stress the importance consistency and appropriate responses to the child's expressed needs.

  • Children develop a valuable self-concept when respect and consideration are used on a daily basis in interactions.​

  • Small group size, as well as low child-to-staff ratios, provides a personal warm and loving environment.


Provide rewarding, educational and responsible working environment for our committed and experienced teachers and staff.

  • We are serious about our educational program, but your child's safety is our number one priority.   

  • Our state of the art computer system has the ability to monitor when you arrive, who is authorized to pick up your child and even required doctor appointments.

  • We have sensors to ensure Nno child can get in or out of the front door as it is locked from the inside without an adult

  • Background checks and fingerprints are required for all staff employees.

  • A Whole New World Academy conducts routine fire drills and since 2002 we have implemented a program with the Hoboken Police Department and Fire Department that focuses exclusively on preparedness in the event of an emergency.

  • We don't just have a plan; we regularly test and train so everyone is prepared in case of an emergency.


Child Safety


Our standard protocols include:

  • Routinely cleaning and disinfecting common areas and surfaces/objects that are frequently touched such as:

    • Doorknobs, Door Handles, Handrails and Push Plates

    • Light switches

    • Classroom sink handles
    • Classroom desks and chairs;

  • All bathrooms are cleaned hourly and between groups;

  • All floors are swept, mopped and disinfected daily.    

  • Teachers sanitize toys and highly touched surfaces during nap time.

  • Toys are sanitized after children stop playing with them. We have  a “dirty/used toy bin” to place toys that must be sanitized and disinfected at the end of the day.

  • As required by NJ State of Childcare Licensing a bleach and water solution is prepared daily. In the morning, the designated staff at each center prepares the solution as per licensing guidelines and at the end of the day, the last staff person discards the solution. Bleach bottles and all clean supplies are safely out of reach of the children at all times.

  • We comply with the NJ State of Childcare Licensing and every morning a staff member(s) ensures all food and beverages are labeled with your child’s name and the date is affixed.

  • Children wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs.

  • Staff consistently teaches lessons about health and hygiene.

  • Diapering is conducted in an area separate from children's play areas.

  • We are contracted with a sanitation company to disinfect our school

Child Cleanliness

In addition to our COVID Procedures we have enhanced our Hand Washing Procedures throughout the day and Sanitation Protocols to clean and disinfect our center with safe non-toxic cleaning products recommended by the CDC.  

  • Governor Murphy designated AWNWA as a center that would remain open during the pandemic for first responders.  

  • We worked with NJ Department of Childcare Licensing and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  By following all of the NJ State and CDC protocols, having a great staff and incredible parents - we all worked together and AWNWA never closed for COVID.  

  • Although we are no longer following these strict COVID policies, families should be aware that we will implement our COVID policies if the number of COVID cases rise.


Click HERE for the summary of the COVID policies that we will require families to comply with if necessary.


COVID Protocol
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