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Starfish/HSOP (Pre-K3/K4 Program) 

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Starfish/HSOP (Pre-K3/K4 Program) 




We understand families have to work, whether outside or within the home.  HSOP Program is for families who have a child enrolled in school, and want consistently and structure for their family.  We have a  safe environment for a limited amount of children.   We will ensure your child completes their assignments and will provide additional support beyond the New Jersey state standardize curriculum.


We want to create a small pod with our AWNWA families.  We have remained open with absolutely no COVID incidents since we are exercising precautions and following the CDC requirements.  The upper school has been completely renovated!

We will supplement your child’s intellectual growth with the Mother Goose program, which works on developing the whole child.  In our HSOP program , your child will have a full portfolio of options that capture their growth.  



  • Encourage children to use more complex sentences.

  • Encourage children to contribute to group conversations.

  • Encourage children to retell familiar stories using props.

  • Help children recognize their own name in print.

  • Help children begin to recognize most uppercase and some lowercase letters.

  • Encourage children to draw to tell stories, dictate their stories to their teachers, and use invented spellings to label their work. 


Math Readiness

  • Provide board games with opportunities to count and compare quantities.

  • Encourage children to match patterns of items and creating their own patterns.

  • Have children help set the table, count items to ensure that each member of the class has what they need.

  • Encourage children to talk about the sequence of events.

  • Encourage children to create and extend patterns.

  • Encourage children to name and write numbers 0-10.

We will ensure that your child reaches all of their milestones.  Teachers will communicate with you via KidsReport, an App that families can install.  

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