Starfish (3 AND 4-YEAR OLDS)


This classroom is for our PreKindergarteners age 3 and 4 years old. In this classroom a variety of age appropriate toys and designated areas are provided as your child has a fun-filled day learning, exploring and playing with their friends. 


Cubbies provide a storage area where your PreKinders clothing, sippy cups and bags can be stored away from other children. You select the bedding that will make your PreKinder most comfortable. Children never share mats. The ratio in this classroom is one teacher to every twelve students. Along with talking to the teachers, your child will be provided with a daily report in their personalized notebook to keep track of their lessons, eating habits, how they play with their friends and daily activities.


The purpose of this classroom is to prepare our students for Kindergarten and the real world. Studies have shown the HighScope curriculum has been proven successful in kindergarten preperation. This classroom is taught by a NJ certified teacher. Students will continue their daily school routine in previous classrooms and include the HighScope Program. 


Pre-K and The HighScope Curriculum
​The HighScope PreKindergarten curriculum allows children to develop trust, initiative, curiosity, resourcefulness, independence and responsibility. The program was originally developed by a series of committees including elementary school principals, social workers and psychologists who were committed to finding a way of preventing children from being at risk of school failure. Research showed that early intervention at the prekindergarten level would help students succeed in the future. HighScope involves social and emotional as well as intellectual development to help students succeed in their future classrooms.  

Content Areas
+ Approaches to Learning
+ Social/Emotional Development
+ Physical Development/Health
+ Language Arts, Literacy and Communication
+ Mathematics
+ Creative Arts
+ Science and Technology
+ Social Studies

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