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COVID-19 Week 9 Survival Guide:

1. Celebrate
• Enjoy this week and the opening of the parks in Hoboken!
• Support a local business and Order Take-Out
• Shop online for face masks-- Checkout Old Navy and the Disney Store who have washable face masks for children.
• Watch Part 2 of the Disney Family Singalong special on ABC at 7pm tonight (May 10th).

2. Lesson Plan—Incorporate these concepts into your child’s week
• The theme for the week is Family
• Shape is a Diamond
• Letter of the week is C
• Number of the week is 8
• Color is Pink

3. Reading is Fundamental
• As I previously mentioned the Hoboken Police Department are reading children books virtually! What an awesome idea. Thank you Lt. Melissa Gigante!
• Please continue to look at their website. They have 11 episodes of police officers reading children books

4. Birthday Celebrations
• We know birthday celebrations are difficult. But please look at what the Hoboken Police Department has done to make your child’s day very special.

5. Activity Planner
• In light of all of the work the Hoboken Police Department is doing, please make cards and drawings to show our appreciation for service workers. It will be nice to let them know we appreciation their service.

6. Picture Assignments
• Please send pictures of the activity project for this week. I would like to share the pictures with the Hoboken Police Department next week.
• Additionally, continue to send pictures since Father’s Day is around the corner!

Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone!

COVID-19 Week 9 Survival Guide:
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