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COVID-19 Week 8 Survival Guide:

1. Projects
• At AWNWA each classroom is fully stocked with art and craft items to keep your child engaged. Since you are at home, Michael’s Craft Store has organized a list of 10 essential art supplies that you may have at home or you can order online. They also have a website providing instructions for 100 different crafts your child can make with these ten simple items. Please note that the instructions are for children who are 4-years of age (and up). So please exercise your judgement on which activities to do.
• I hope you are able to develop some creative ideas for the activity planner below.

2. Activity Planner—Make Cards/Drawings/Projects—Try to focus on one project a day
• Teacher Appreciation Week –Have your child draw a picture for their teacher.
• Cinco de Mayo—Draw a picture or dress up in your favorite Cinco de Mayo Outfit
 Hear a book about Cinco De Mayo and Sing “It’s Cinco De May o Today, Clap Your Hands and Shout Ole”
• National Nurses Day—After watching this great video about nurses, please have your child draw a picture of a nurse

3. Mother’s Day
• This year will be the first time in 18-years that I am not celebrating “Muffins with Mom” so I just want to send my love.
• I am counting on every dad, partner and significant other to make sure Mom receives a handmade card for Mother’s Day 2020.

4. Lesson Plan—Incorporate these concepts into your child’s week
• The theme for the week is Appreciation
• Shape is a Heart
• Letter of the week is M
• Number of the week is 2
• Color is Purple

Activity Planner
In light of all of the work the Hoboken Police Department is doing, please make cards and drawings to show our appreciation for service workers. It will be nice to send them our appreciation for their service.

5. Picture Assignments
• I want to let everyone know that I APPRECIATE the pictures.
Have Fun Working on Your Projects
Mr. Bernard

COVID-19 Week 8 Survival Guide:
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