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COVID-19 Week 8 Newsletter:

Dear AWNWA of Hoboken Families,
Week 1 was Strange, Week 2 was a Whirlwind, Week 3 was becoming Insane, Week 4 officially became the New Normal,Week 5 required Patience, Week 6 was all about Communication, Week 7 was getting Prepared and Week 8 is focusing on Appreciation.
As we celebrate the beginning of May, I want to make sure we take the time to appreciate the essential workers in our lives.
I want to apologize in advance but I am challenging AWNWA families to make a few cards/signs/drawings over the next few days to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, Cinco de Mayo Day on May 5th., National Nurses Day on May 6th and of course MOTHER’S DAY on May 10th.
Would you kindly share pictures of your child holding their different projects or a simple card saying “Thank You” by Friday May 8th. Send as many pictures as you want! My goal is to share the pictures with all of the families for the next newsletter, and most of all with the phenomenal teachers!
In addition I am attaching a few stretching exercises that are important for parents who have turned their homes into their offices. I want you to appreciate your mind and body.
I have received tremendous feedback from last week’s newsletter. Parents are enjoying the COVID-19 time capsule and the virtually book reading by the Hoboken Police Department. Please let me know what items you like or any information you want me to share with the other families.

COVID-19 Week 8 Newsletter:
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