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COVID-19 Week 7 Survival Guide:

1. Activity--Document this Historical Moment
• I am attaching a COVID-19 time capsule document that summarizes this experience for both you and your child. It is hard to imagine that we will forget this experience, but it is nice to capture it in writing with your child.
• Please share your time capsule with us when you return, so we can know how your child managed
• COVID-19 Time Capsule Link--

2. Carve Out Time for yourself and let others Read to your Child
• Look into opportunities to give yourself a break, as your child listens to a story or hears a familiar voice.
• Members of the Hoboken Police Department are reading children books virtually! What an awesome idea. Thank you Lt. Melissa Gigante!
• Former first lady Michelle Obama said she was thrilled to share some of her favorite children's books and give kids an opportunity to practice their reading (while giving families a much-needed break). A new story is read every Monday

• Disney is offering Disney Bedtime Hotline. By dialing 1-877-7-MICKEY-- Children can hear a special goodnight message from one of five different Disney characters.

3. Declutter—I read a few articles on the importance of using the time we have effectively and I thought a great project to get families prepared is to declutter. Here are a few recommendations:
 Designate a spot for incoming papers. Papers often account for a lot of our clutter. This is because we put them in different spots — on the counter, on the table, on our desk, in a drawer, on top of our dresser, in our car. No wonder we can’t find anything!
 Create a starting zone. What you want to do is clear one area. This is your no-clutter zone. It can be a counter, or your kitchen table, or the three-foot perimeter around your couch. Wherever you start, make a rule: nothing can be placed there that’s not actually in use. Everything must be put away
 Pick a shelf. Now that you’ve done a counter, try a shelf. It doesn’t matter what shelf. Could be a shelf in a closet, or on a bookshelf. Don’t tackle the whole bookshelf — just one shelf.
 Pick up 5 things, and find places for them. These should be things that you actually use, but that you just seem to put anywhere, because they don’t have good places.
 Create a “maybe” box. Sometimes when you’re going through a pile of stuff, you know exactly what to keep (the stuff you love and use) and what to trash or donate. But then there’s the stuff you don’t use, but think you might want it or need it someday.
 Clear out your medicine cabinet. If you don’t have one spot for medicines, create one now. Go through everything for the outdated medicines, the stuff you’ll never use again.
 Pull everything out of a drawer. Just take the drawer out and empty it on a table. Then sort the drawer into three piles: 1) stuff that really should go in the drawer; 2) stuff that belongs elsewhere; 3) stuff to get rid of. Clean the drawer out, then put the stuff in the first pile back neatly and orderly.

4. Lesson Plan
• The theme for the week is Rain—I know art supplies may be limited but since the weather is cloudy and rainy, any activity that involves drawing clouds and rain drops is fun
• Shape is a Crescent Moon
• Letter of the week is A
• Number of the week is 3
• Color is Blue

5. Picture Assignments
• Please continue to send me pictures! I love to receive them and share with the staff.
• Also include pictures of drawings from your child
• Pictures of child working on their time capsule
• If your child was able to watch the Hoboken Police Officers read the stories, please have them draw a picture or make a card. Although we will share the cards when they return, take a picture and I will share will the Police Department. I know that this will make them very happy!

Have Fun Working on Your Time Capsule and Let’s Start Preparing for May!
Mr. Bernard

COVID-19 Week 7 Survival Guide:
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