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COVID-19 Week 11 Survival Guide:

1. Activity Planner
• At the end of May the staff at AWNWA celebrates “May Flowers” and discusses Animals on the Farm.
• Encourage your child to plant seeds and nurture a plant
• To incorporate Farm Animals please check out these virtual zoo tours
o North Carolina Zoo
o Phoenix Zoo --
o Birmingham Zoo

2. Elmo News!
• On May 27th at 7pm Elmo will be hosting his very own talk show called “The Not Too Late Show.” Every episode opens with Elmo asking his parents if he may “be excused to go do Elmo’s talk show.”
• The show focuses on celebrating bedtime routines, and giving routine activities like brushing teeth, choosing a bedtime story, and putting on pajamas a fun twist.
• Previews can be seen on the links below and HBO is offering a discount to new subscribers:

3. Lesson Plan—Incorporate these concepts into your child’s week
• The theme for the week is May Flowers
• Shape is Stripes
• Letter of the week is L
• Number of the week is 6

4. Picture Assignments
• Please send pictures of the activity project for this week

COVID-19 Week 11 Survival Guide:
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