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COVID-19 Week 11 Newsletter:

Dear AWNWA of Hoboken Families,
Week 1 was Strange, Week 2 was a Whirlwind, Week 3 was becoming Insane, Week 4 officially became the New Normal, Week 5 required Patience, Week 6 was all about Communication, Week 7 was getting Prepared, Week 8 we focused on Appreciation, Week 9 we took time to celebrate Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation, Week 10 we were keeping Healthy and Week 11 let’s celebrate Memorial Day by Reflecting.
Memorial Day is a time to reflect on military personnel who have lost their lives serving the United States. We celebrate this sad occasion, by letting those who have passed away know we are thankful. Similar to celebrating Memorial Day let’s pay homage to everyone who lost their lives from COVID-19 and Reflect on what we gained from this tragedy.
1. Family Time has a new meaning – Despite the inconveniences, anxiety and concerns rising from COVID-19, the pandemic provided us with the unique opportunity to spend quality family time together. Usually we have to schedule vacations or take time off work, just to win some valuable time together.
2. Relaxed our Daily Routine – Generally we are running around and our lives are somewhat chaotic and unproductive. COVID-19 has allowed us to designate family time, alone time, work time, chore time, and recreation time. When AWNWA opens in June, I plan to offer flexible scheduling to allow your family the ability to maintain productivity —whether you are working part-time, full-time or telecommuting.
3. Catching Up on Shows & Movies – Finally you have the time to see all of your favorite shows without worrying about missing a basketball, baseball, golf or soccer game.
4. Work on projects you’ve been meaning to get to – I definitely took the time to work at AWNWA to finish projects and implement positive changes to the center, as well as take online courses.
5. Cooking –So many creative meals and opportunities to share at the table as a family.
6. Increase Activity – Our physical, mental, and emotional health are all improved when we move around. Fortunately virtual exercise classes are available everywhere and exercise equipment (i.e., jump ropes, weights, mats) can be ordering through Amazon. No reason to schedule time to go to the gym.
7. Planning & Budgeting –Good time to take advantage of the down time to evaluate your finances and strategize for the future.
8. Virtual Museum Tours –One of the most positive outcome of the pandemic is “Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world to bring anyone and everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world.” Museums that would normally require you to travel and pay to experience them are now free to the public in the convenience of your own home. You can find links to these amazing virtual tours here.

Family is the heart of A Whole New World and even though COVID-19 is full of uncertainty, do your best to Reflect on the positive aspects and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in June. As we prepare for the state of emergency to be lifted on June 5th in New Jersey, I am in the process of updating the website to provide additional information.

Happy Memorial Day
Reflect and Celebrate
Mr. Bernard

COVID-19 Week 11 Newsletter:
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