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COVID-19 Week 10 Survival Guide:

1. Memorial Day is Coming
• This week can be spent on art activities to celebrate Memorial Day. The goal is to let children know that we appreciate everyone, but this day is for the military
• Dress up your child for dramatic play to celebrate Memorial week (red white and blue).
• Good time to discuss water and beach safety, if you plan to go to the beach
• Talk about the colors and shapes in the American flag and what the flag represents

2. Activity Planner
• Make a flag or drawing or any creative project that incorporates Blue, Red, White, Stars and Stripes.
• Continue making cards for the Hoboken Police Department to show our appreciation for service workers.

3. Baking
• Often you do not have everything you need for a baking recipe and items are hard to find during COVID-19. Celebrations In The Kitchen offers a solution by delivering a right out of the box baking and decorating kits. The kits include things that kids like, such as Themed Cookie Decorating, Cupcake Baking from Scratch, Cake Decorating, Classic Cookie Dough, and Rainbow Cookie Dough! All products are nut-free, and allergy-friendly options are available. Kits are designed to provide extraordinary baking fun for kids while being stress-free for parents.
• Hint: I noticed they have a Father’s Day Special….

4. Lesson Plan—Incorporate these concepts into your child’s week
• The theme for the week is Military
• Shape is a Star
• Letter of the week is S
• Number of the week is 4
• Color is Red, White and Blue

5. Health Break for Parents—How Are You Really?
• On Sunday Governor Cuomo stated during his press conference, up to 38-percent of Americans are having serious mental distress.
• He asked a great question….. How Are Your Really?
• Take time for yourself and find helpful tools to deal with anxiety about the future, your children, your parents, your finances, etc.
• Below are two helpful websites which are a nice break from television, the news, and social media.

6. Picture Assignments
• Please send pictures of the activity project for this week.
• Please continue to send me pictures! I love to receive them and share with the staff.
• Also include pictures of drawings from your child
• Pictures of child working on their time capsule
• If your child was able to watch the Hoboken Police Officers read the stories, please have them draw a picture or make a card. Although we will share the cards when they return, take a picture and I will share will the Police Department. I know that this will make them very happy!
Stay Healthy….Mr. Bernard

COVID-19 Week 10 Survival Guide:
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