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COVID-19 Week 10 Newsletter:

Dear AWNWA of Hoboken Families,
Week 1 was Strange, Week 2 was a Whirlwind, Week 3 was becoming Insane, Week 4 officially became the New Normal, Week 5 required Patience, Week 6 was all about Communication, Week 7 was getting Prepared, Week 8 we focused on Appreciation, Week 9 we took time to celebrate Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation and in Week 10 is keeping Healthy.
As we prepare for the state of emergency to be lifted on June 5th in New Jersey, I continue to pray that everyone is healthy.
I had previously shared that AWNWA received a special license to serve first responders and essential workers. Out of all the daycares operating in Hoboken, only three were granted the special license and I am proud to share with you that AWNWA was the only center that was not a franchise.
To comply with the rules, I have been extremely busy working with contractors to make physical changes to the center, implementing new policies and taking virtual training classes conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although this has been a challenging task, I have the advantage of knowing the rules and putting the policies into practice. This will definitely benefit the families at AWNWA.
On Thursday May 14th, I received a health alert from the CDC on Kawasaki Disease (KD) which remains a rare but serious condition which has recently been linked to COVID-19 in children. Any disease that targets children is not good news, but fortunately the pediatric community is on the lookout and is able to not only identify the disease but treat the disease. The key is for parents and daycare providers to identify the following: fever, rash, swelling of the hands and feet, irritation and redness of the whites of the eyes, swollen lymph glands in the neck, and irritation and inflammation of the mouth, lips, and throat. This is why I am implementing a daily wellness check log that will provide you with your child’s temperature during the day and any noticeable marks. I want to alleviate your stress, by letting you know that my staff will be trained to observe your child and along with your pediatrician, we will all work to keep your child healthy.
Finally, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the overwhelming amount of feedback, videos and words of encouragement I have receive from everyone.

COVID-19 Week 10 Newsletter:
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