Angel Fish (6 WEEKS-12 MONTHS)


This classroom is for our little ones, infants 6 weeks through one year old. In this classroom baby Mozart music fills the room as we provide your child with a personalized cozy crib, rockers, jumpers, books and age appropriate toys. The babies experience tummy time and are excited to lay with their new friends.


Cubbies provide a storage area where your infants clothing, bedding and bottles can be stored away from other children. You select the bedding that will make your baby most comfortable. Babies never share a crib. The ratio in this classroom is one teacher to every four students. Along with talking to the teachers, your child will be provided with a daily sheet to keep track of their lessons, eating habits, how they play with their friends and daily activities.


Our infant centers have been designed for maximum efficiency, security and safety. Toys are sterilized daily and each infant has their own personal changing table, which is sterilized after each diaper is changed. A specific diaper changing procedure is strictly adhered to ensure our babies safety. Caregivers are required to wear gloves and place a specially designed sanitary paper on the changing pad before each baby's diaper is changed. Diapers are placed in plastic bags before being deposited in a lined diaper pail which is emptied several times a day. 


For the protection of each baby, every adult must sanitize their hands before entering the infant center. We do not allow shoes and everyone is required to wear disposable booties over their shoes before entering the infant room. 


Nursing mothers are able to nurse on the center premises. 


We take your lead in designing their day, but we also include:

  • Music

  • Language Development 

  • Outside Time

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Sensory Activities

  • Story Time

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Tummy Time

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